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Forget About Going Bankrupt: Erase Your Debt and Boost Your Credit Rating fast with services from Imperial One! Were The Company That Gets You Approved! 
Are you deep in Debt and tired of being denied services based upon your credit score? Or have you ever been a victim of Identity theft? I'm sure either of the two makes you feel like a prisoner. Well worry NOMORE! Imperial One is here for you. Whether you know it or not, your credit score tells creditors a lot about you which ultimately helps them to make a critical decision on how they will go about providing you with service or credit. As you may know the world that we live in is advancing and as time goes on we must evolve but most of all we must be prepared for what the future may hold. We can erase most of your collections accounts and protect you from being a victim of fraud and identity theft. HOW? Because Credit repair is our expertise and we have a unique system like no other in the world. Imperial One is the only debt relief company that offers Credit repair and fraud protection together. Most companies only offer one or the other. At Imperial One we feel as though, you can't have one without the other because the two go hand in hand. We are focused on complete 100% customer satisfaction and gaurantee results that you will love. Not only do we fight to remove charge offs and other collections accounts that damage your credit but we will also fight to bring late payment status to "current" and as a team, we fight to remove hard inquiries from your credit report as well.  Thats just about everything, right? Let us work for you.

At Imperial One we offer two options to our clients. ​Option 1: is a 12- month contract with a down payment of $99.95 + sales tax which pays for the first month. The following month you are billed $64.99 + sales tax per month for 11 months. This 12 Month contract gaurantees you Credit repair, Credit monitoring a higher credit rating and Identity theft protection. ​Option 2: ​Our clients pay a one time fee of $294.95 and this service strictly repairs credit and builds credit rating within 3-6 months. Option two is preferred for a client who needs to bring their credit score up within a short period of time. If you are planning on purchasing a home, leasing a car, moving to a new location which may require a credit check, applying for a loan or credit card etc. Be sure to decide which Option is best for you before you register. Once you are filling out the registration form you will see the services listed as Option 1 or Option 2. Choose "Yes" for the option that you choose and "No" for the option you do not choose.  

 Just because your in debt, it doesn't mean that you have to go and file bankruptcy which could potentially make matters much worse. Let us help you, Thats our promise! So, NOMORE waiting to be denied or having that thought of going bankrupt because we fight to get you approved and chances are, if your on this site; your at the right place. So what are you waiting for? Below is a list of things for you to complete in order for IMPERIAL ONE to better service you.

​IMPORTANT!!!! ​ Please complete registration by following the steps on the list below. Also, it is very important that clients get their credit report. You can do so by starting a free credit Karma account at creditkarma.com. Credit karma is completely free. Once you start an account with credit karma, we ask that you Provide us with the email and password to your Credit Karma account so that an Imperial One employee can log in and access your credit report when needed. You can provide the account information when you complete the registration form, which is the first step on the list below. If you have not set up a Credit Karma account yet, we suggest that you do so before you begin to complete the steps below, write down your email and password for your credit karma account and come back to this page to get started with step 1 (registration.) You can also get a copy of your credit report from www.annualcreditreport.com if you would rather mail your credit report to us rather than provide us with your Credit Karma Credentials. www.annualcreditreport.com is a secure site authorized by the government to provide credit reports. Although the process moves much faster if you provide log in credentials because we are able to pull your credit report online, it works either way. You can find our contact information on the "Contact Us" page. Keep in mind that when you are emailing your supportive documents, we suggest that in the subject line of your email you insert your full name to confirm that we recieve  your documents. You can upload supportive documents by phone, computer, laptop, tablet etc. You can do so by snapping a clear photo of the document on your phone or tablet and sending it in an email attatchment to ​imperialone.co@gmail.com.

Did we confuse you? No worries at all! The steps are listed below under "What you need to do." You must complete all the steps on the list before we can start improving your credit. The client agreement is for your records only. Should you have a dispute about the client agreement contact us from the "Contact Us" page on this site with your dispute messege.
9096 Parkwood Dr.
Belleville, MI. 48111
ATT: CR Managment
  1. Complete the registration form https://www.cognitoforms.com/ImperialOne1/IMPERIALONEREGISTRATION  
  2. Upload your supporting documents: imperialone.co@gmail.com
  • Copy of Drivers License or State Identification Card
  • Copy of Social Security Card
  • Copy of proof of residency: This can be an energy bill, lease agreement, or phone bill 
    3. Print Imperial One Client agreement for your records             
          CLIENT AGREEMENT (IONE).docx
​     4. Print the CRO- Act for your records. By law,  It is our duty and responsibility as a credit repair company to provide all of our clients / potential clients with the  CRO- Act     credit_repair_organizations_act.pdf  

Once the documents that are needed from our clients are recieved, we immediatey start a file on our clients so that we can immediately get to work. By law, Imperial One is not authorized to take payment from a client until we have started work, which may take 1-3 days. We are responsible with highly sensitive information, which is why there are certain guidlines that have to be followed upon the start of service.  To the right, under "What you need to do:" There is a list of steps that you need to follow for us to start your services. Once these steps are thouroughly complete, we are able to start working and you are able to see results within 30 days. The sooner your documents are turned in, the sooner you can see progression to a better future. You will also recieve helpful tips and information for you to benefit from.

  • REMEMBER: If you were referred by an affiliate, it is crucial that you provide us with the affiliates Registration Number (ARN) when asked on the registration form. An affiliate would be considered an idividual at a business or  an organization that referred you to Imperial One.